We've been dealing in parts since 2013.  We're a family owned business and as well as an educational platform for our children.  They have learned to count, sort parts, work with fractions, file tax returns/renditions, etc. all through this home business.  Learning is a way of life around here! 

Please poke around, and feel free to drop us a line with comments/suggestions - we love getting to know our customers.   We have helped customers find replacement parts for old sets, build their wildest creations, and supplied parts for workshops and other small businesses.   Thanks to all our customers for helping to make this possible.


Orders placed and paid by 6:00pm Central Time will ship out the next business day.  Large orders over 40 lots should allow 1 extra day.  In order to guarantee shipping times, please make sure that your PayPal address and shipping address match.  If they do not, I may need to delay shipping to confirm the correct shipping address.


Orders shipping to Texas addresses include 6.25% state sales tax.