About Us

I have been enjoying LEGO since my childhood, when I played with a lot of space sets. My favorite set had to be the Uranium Search Vehicle. Finding those bricks in my parents house where they had sat for many years rekindled my enjoyment of playing with the bricks and my desire to see new sets, own them for a time, and then recoup some of the money led me to open a bricklink store. Now I've discovered that parting out the sets is as enjoyable for our family as building them (in a very positive way).


The primary purpose of this store is educational as we seek to teach our children about work, currency, money, wealth, value and the differences between them - crucial concepts that my public education never deemed worth teaching me. From the start, selling LEGO parts has been part of our homeschool, and now we're expanding.  We're working to teach our boys the value and enjoyment of hard work, and the rewards that come with it.  As a result, we're working hard to make customers have a smooth experience in our store from ordering to opening the package.


When not parting out LEGO, my family also enjoys museums, camping (especially the National Park system), backpacking and philosophy (of the academic, analytic variety). 

 Last Updated: 1 Aug 2018